Tuesday, 15 September 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: The Edge of the World (Terra Icognita 1) - Kevin J Anderson


War has raged for twenty years between the Broekari and the Aidenists. Divided by their worship of different gods - each sons of the Creator, Ondun - it seems likely that the war will never end. But then the Aidenists make a startling discovery. A merchant ship, sailing the very edge of the world, hauls aboard a large sea turtle. Inscribed upon its shell is an ancient map - a map that seems to show the way to paradise: the lost kingdom of Holy Joron, the third son of Ondun. Across the world, an ancient parchment is unearthed by the Broekari. This parchment also shows a map - a map that points the way to the Key of Creation, and thus to the kingdom of Holy Joron. And so the race is joined. Will the children of the sons of Ondun finally find peace in the fabled lost kingdom? Or will they take the hatred and death of two decades at war to paradise...?


Renowned throughout the Sci-Fi World for his Dune, Seven Suns and Star Wars work, Kevin has tackled a for the first time a fantasy world in this, his latest release. What makes this novel different from the norm is that fact that it also has an accompanying CD of music rather than the obligatory playlist that some authors like to go with.

The book has a large number of positive aspects going for it:
1) The book covers a large period of time so we get to see how characters develop.
2) The characters within have real life issues that allow them to develop with the plot as well as emotionally
3) The novel is written from both points of view within the conflict and also deals with the politics involved.

Each of these aspects not only advances the story but also allows the reader the chance to explore the world in their own time. Add to the mix Kevin’s renowned writing style, his combat sequences and above all a kick ass plot and you’ve got a world that you can’t wait to explore which in places feels very much like one of the next gen of storytelling such as George RR Martin and Steven Erikson have become renowned for. The only reserve that I have and what I hope won’t happen, is that the characters become too powerful, almost godlike, as they have in other tales, that would take the humanity out of the story for me and that’s what Kevin sells very well in this offering. Finally add to the mix a unique CD to accompany this novel and you really will be surprised at the scope of this project.

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