Monday, 21 September 2009



In Stealing Light, Dakota discovered the Shoal's dark and dangerous secret, now she works towards stopping not only the spread of this knowledge, but also the onset of the Nova war. Found adrift near a Bandati colony world far away from Consortium space, Dakota and Corso find themselves prisoners of the Bandati. It becomes rapidly clear to them, that the humanity's limited knowledge of the rest of the galaxy - filtered through the Shoal - is direly inaccurate. The Shoal have been fighting a frontier war with a rival species, the Emissaries, with their own FTL technology for over fifteen thousand years. Realising that the Shoal may be the Galaxy's one chance at sustained peace, Dakota is forced to work with Trader to prevent the spread of deadly knowledge carried on board the Magi ships. But it seems that the Nova War is inevitable.


The second novel in Gary’s Shaol series and one that has had fans clamouring for more since the original release of Stealing Light. Expanding on the themes as well as concepts introduced in the previous novel its definitely one that will more than please the Sci-Fi Geek within as it brings everything you’d want to the table. Strange and unusual races, characters that face insurmountable odds, choices that weigh heavily on the few for the many and topped off with a pretty high speed pace that can leave you gasping for breath. Gary continues to do what he does best and makes him a firm favourite on my own shelf. Great stuff.

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