Thursday, 17 September 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Timewalker - Justin Stanchfield


This is a masterful sci-fi adventure with a gripping twist, set against the lonely mountains of Montana. "E.T." meets "The Terminator"! When the sleepy town of Antler is filled with rumours of crop circles, cattle mutilation and strange lights in the sky, brothers Sean and Trick are determined to investigate. Sleepwalking on a lonely road, Sean meets a strange girl who is pursued by a deadly organization known as the Paradise Project. He and Trick are determined to protect the girl, but the head of the Paradise Project will not rest until he discovers and destroys the genetic source of her power to teleport through time. Unfortunately for Sean, the source is closer than he realizes. Heart-stopping action sequences and a deeply eerie atmosphere reminiscent of classic sci-fi films make this is a must-read novel for anyone who knows the truth is out there.


To be honest I was lucky enough to get this tale before it started building a favourable reaction from other reviewers but whilst the book blurb is quite a seller, in my opinion it really doesn’t live up to the hype. The plot is slow and for the age market to which its aimed it needed a much higher pace to keep their reader glued. Yes it does pick up later in the book but the fact that many of the readers will have switched off by that point really doesn’t do it any favours.

Add to the mix typical plot points that are becoming all too common in Sci-Fi and it makes this a fairly predictable novel which is a great shame. The other gripe that I have was down to a real lack of character development. Whether this was the author attempting to keep a realistic lid on them I’m not so sure, but it did feel that it had the author expanded the novel by building on each of the principle protagonists then it might have been something a bit more special. A great shame to be honest as it really could have been something worth the hype had the author thrown in a tempting bone or two earlier to keep their reader group glued.

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