Thursday, 26 November 2009

ART BOOK REVIEW: Fantasy Art for Beginners - Jon Hodgson


This is a comprehensive guide that will lead beginners through the approaches and techniques needed to create great fantasy art. Part One provides a thorough grounding in all the theoretical and practical skills. Part Two shows how to put these skills into practice in a series of step-by-step demonstrations. All popular fantasy subjects, including dragons, heroines and monsters, are tackled through the author's expert guidance. It includes accessible and practical information on how to choose the right medium, lighting, imagination, atmosphere and more.


All books from Impact offer a good solid advice to artists of all talents so it’s always a good thing when you get a novel that’s there to help the real beginners get experience as well as encouragement from the sound advice within.

Here in this offering, Jon takes the reader into the realm of fantasy art explaining everything from various media that artists use to standard creation techniques using basic shapes and on through to how to plan the scene (even so far as utilising toys to help plot the image along with lighting.) It’s dependable it’s solid but perhaps best of all it’s an offering that will have many artists referring back to it time and again as they get stuck on certain aspects. Personally I’ve loved dipping into it and whilst I’m not by any means a natural artist I am becoming more competent learning from errors and getting a lot of experience from useful advice from those who’ve been there before. If you have a budding artist or one that loves creating Fantasy pieces and is getting a little stuck on what they’re doing this ideal material.

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