Friday, 20 November 2009

FACTUAL REVIEW: The Complete Cat - Vicky Halls


Vicky Halls, author of bestselling "Cat Confidential" and "Cat Counsellor" has now written the essential reference book for all cat owners. "The Complete Cat" is a comprehensive and practical guide that covers every aspect of cat ownership - from the original decision to buy a kitten to a layman's guide to many of the common illnesses and diseases. This book will save you hours of research and confusion by giving you a thorough overview on just about every topic; coupled with Vicky's expert knowledge this is an absolute must-have for cat owners! "The Complete Cat" has sections on: taking in stray cats; what to look for in a good cat breeder; effective flea control; diet and nutrition; giving your cat a tablet; poisonous household items; cats and babies; training your cat; special needs for the elderly cat; understanding normal cat behavior; and many more.


As not only a prolific reader about Cats but what many would term as a Cat Man its always interesting to see what the professionals make of the interpersonal relationship between human and feline. What Vicky brings to the fore is a book that will not only appeal to many people who already own and understand the wee beasties (and lets face it there’s always going to be that wild streak within) but something to aid those considering a kitty of their own, be it a moggy or perhaps even a pedigree. As an owner of the plain common ol’ garden kitty (yeah, moggy) I was interested to see how the author not only dealt with some of the weirder traits but also on how she dealt with some of the more common human mistakes that everyone makes in the beginning. The book was a joy to read and whilst I won’t say I completely agreed with everything she said I did feel pretty pleased that a large selection of advice that she covered did pertain to the ideal keeping conditions for your pet. It’s informative, its helpful but above all else this really will be a book to buy that Kitty fan in your life or yourself if you’re not quite sure where you stand in your own household. LOL

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