Wednesday, 11 November 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: The Last Ghost (A Belladonna Johnson Adventure 1) - Helen Stringer


In Belladonna Johnson's world, talking to ghosts seems perfectly normal. She even lives with two - her recently deceased parents, who are still very much involved with their daughter's life. But then the ghosts start disappearing. Before her father slips away, he warns her that the doors are closing, but Belladonna doesn't understand what he means. She realises, though, that evil forces are at work, and if she can't stop them, she might lose everything. With her friend Steve, she sets off on a trip that will test them to their limits, as they discover the dark secrets that lurk on the Other Side . . .


I’m pretty much a sucker for a tale that has something supernatural to it, so when you blend it with a catchy title and a stand out cover then you can pretty much know that its going to get grabbed quicker than a lot of other offerings.

Here Helen brings to the fore a totally new and fascinating heroine in a tale that will appeal to both genders as there is something for everyone within. Be it a little mischief or double dealing, it really does grab the reader by both hands and hold them there through each chapter. Add to the mix a mystery, a superb support cast and you’ve got all the ingredients to present something truly novel. I can’t wait to see what other scrapes Belladonna gets into.

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Helen Stringer said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my book! I've just finished the sequel, "The Queen of the Abyss" and I'm really looking forward to see that out and about too. It's going to take a while, of course, because everything does.

BTW, I really love you site layout!