Tuesday, 3 November 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Dark Curse - Christine Feehan


Born into a world of ice, slave to her evil father, Lara Calladine knew paralysing fear as a child. Only by escaping with her mysterious gifts unbroken did she survive to claim her great Carpathian heritage as a Dragonseeker. She walked her chosen path alone, trusting no one. For beyond the frozen hall of her youth was a world of even greater mystery and danger. Now the world's leading expert in the field of ice-cave study, Lara is on a search for healing microorganisms, but also for the source of her nightmares - the cold, dark corners of her childhood. Only one man has the will and the power to help her: Nicolas De La Cruz. Dangerous and arrogant, centuries of hunting and killing have taken their toll on him but he still longs to feel sensual love without the hunger for blood. A tenuous trust emerges between Lara and Nicholas, and a passion neither of them has ever experienced but, as much as they long for a future as lifemates, they are also haunted by the unknown dangers of the dark curse.


Christine has always been a prolific author and with a huge number of books under her belt this latest offering in the Carpathian series goes to answer a lot of the questions raised by fans since earlier releases. Its well written but perhaps little to much time is spent delving into the language nuances as well as chants of the Carpathians, it distracted me from the storyline which is never a good thing and can lead a lot of readers to skip chunks in order to get back on track. This is a great shame, as it will undoubtedly turn a number of readers off even though there is a cracking story underneath. I’ll wait to see what the next novel has to offer but I’m fairly picky, if the next novel continues on about language nuances then I won’t be reading any more of the series even though I really want to read a book about characters such as Skylar who’s fascinated me since his original appearance.

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