Friday, 6 November 2009

TRUE LIFE REVIEW: I Forgive you Daddy - Lizzie McGlynn


To the outside world, Lizzie McGlynn’s father was a model citizen. To little Lizzie he was a violent and depraved monster.

For years, Lizzie was raped and beaten by her father, whilst her alcoholic mother stood by, helpless. She eventually found the courage to report him and her father was imprisoned - but 12 weeks later he was allowed to return to the family home and continue his reign of terror. He seemed to be above the law.

Battered and violated, Lizzie knew she had to stay alive to protect her two little brothers. She went on to escape her father’s evil clutches, but the physical and mental scars continued to haunt her.

Then, as her father lay dying, she summoned the strength and courage to forgive the man who had caused her so much pain.


A true tale of horror from the heart rendering experiences of an abusee. Whilst this tale does cover the time in her life when she underwent the abuse, this tale does go further than most others by continuing her story up to modern times. Such as how it affected her own life, including her own experiences such as becoming a mother alongside the sad descent into substance abuse from which she clawed her way back after many years.

The title I did feel was misleading and did put me off reading the book initially and felt that it was going to be a story all about her forgiving her father but when that aspect arrived it did make sense and I’m glad that I read it cover to cover despite the tears that it generated. Definitely one of the best examples of this type of book and if you want one of this genre then this is definitely a must buy as it shows that abuse victims suffer a life sentence rather than having a magical wand waved upon leaving home. It’s the tale of the abuse victim that should be put out there to allow readers to learn as well as understand the minds of the victim with the frank experiences and words of a woman with relatively nothing left to lose as everything was taken from her.

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thank you ver much for leaving a review about my book i am touched by your kindness. love lizx