Friday, 27 November 2009

HUMOUR REVIEW: Arsetrology - Harry Holland


Forget the crystal ball - predicting the future is all about the toilet bowl. 'Arsetrology' is a groundbreaking new book which uncovers the hidden depths of your number twos, using the ancient art of poo-reading. If horoscopes and palm-reading are driving you round the u-bend, then panic no more. Sit down, relax, do your thing - and then proudly gaze upon what you have produced to discover what the future has in store. Examine the shape, look and texture of your crap - and then match it up to one of the 'poo runes' to read the long and short of what your shit means. 'Arsetrology' will be your indispensable guide to dropping the kids off at the pool. Put it by your throne, and refer to it every time you get the call of nature, to stay one step ahead of the game. Understand your life through the lav, and never underestimate the turd's telling powers again.


As a bit of sceptic when it comes to horoscopes I tend to ignore them, however during my search for an ideal Christmas gift for a parental unit I located this book which not only made me chuckle but is one that I’m 98% sure will hit that funny spot of anyone with toilet humour. Why’s that?

Well if you have the humour of a five year old boy (and lets face it which bloke hasn’t) then this really will appeal as you try to divine your future from your leavings in the toilet bowl. Mystic Meg meets Pisstake Pete in this no holds barred skit which personally I loved. Whilst it won’t appeal to everyone it is going to be that weird sort of Christmas gift that very few will actually think and lets face it, when the dreaded relly’s arrive, you’ll be glad of something to break the ice and give you a good chuckle.

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