Thursday, 3 December 2009

ART BOOK REVIEW: Extreme Worlds - Francis Tsai


This is a highly practical guide for budding artists who want to create their own extreme sci-fi worlds. Core elements of sci-fi art are taught through ingenious exercises and eleven detailed step by step projects. Subjects covered include aliens, robots, space ships, weapons, space stations and strange planets. It contains instruction suitable for beginners and more advanced artists, and is accompanied by an awesome gallery of the author's work.


With the world developing futuristically with each passing day, the artists are having to come up with perhaps more outlandish yet believable constructs to show us the world of tomorrow today. Whilst some concepts may seem strange the artists follow strict guidelines such as machination creation that borrows a little from today’s technology and adds it into their piece such as Greeble’s that allow the reader to believe the piece their seeing.

Add into this mix detailed step by step guides on the creation of backgrounds and shapes for the humans, robots and aliens and you have a guide that will not only be a source of inspiration but one that will help open the doorway for each persons futuristic interpretation. It’s ideal and through using pieces of advice within this book I’ve managed to construct a beast of a bike for a character within a story I’m writing. Its not only informative, its fun and when you’re creating that’s something that many people forget. Francis’ offering is one that will make an ideal gift this season as it has something for everyone from the most basic of artists but also to the more experienced.

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