Tuesday, 1 December 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: Heroes in the Wind - Robert E Howard


Howard's swashbuckling fantasy stories feature the adventures of the enigmatic Conan: a free barbarian from distant Cimmeria who ventures into the splendid kingdoms of the south to find his fortune in the lost eons of the Hyborian Age between the sinking of Kull’s Atlantis and the dawn of history. Cunning thief, captain of mercenaries and corsairs, lover of sultry temptresses, Conan follows his destiny into demon-haunted treasure towers and across the plains of death. And at last, like Kull before him, he slashes his name across the scrolls of royalty as King Conan, usurper-lord of imperial Aquilonia.


Originally considered pulp fiction in the original time to which it appeared, the author, afflicted with depression sadly departed this life thinking he was a hack, yet years later we all applaud his creativity and the characters he created have lived longer than a number of comic book heroes who are critically claimed. Sadly we’re still in a world where writing like this is overlooked. Yes it is dated, yes it has some content that may offend many modern sensibilities but the characters within are vivid. Many will associate the characters within as their celluloid alter ego’s but this collection of tales gives a flavour of the author for all to try. A great offering from Penguin and a good way to give Howard’s work a try to see this fantasy father figure in all his gory glory as his cast hack, slash and above all cleave their way into your imagination.

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