Friday, 25 December 2009

HISTORICAL FICTION/CRIME: The Templar Magician - Paul Doherty

The year is 1152, and Jerusalem is still in the hands of the Crusaders, although the lofty ideals of before have now been replaced by subtle power-play. Meanwhile, inEngland, King Stephen is waging bloody war against Henry Fitzempress. The Templar Order, now fifty years old, is a wealthy power, glittering with tempting riches. Against this background of bloodshed, Robert de Payens, grandson of Eleanor, one of the co-founders of theTemple, and Englishman Edward Sendal find themselves caught up in a murder mystery when Raymond, Count of Tripoli, is brutally assassinated. Who would have wanted to murder Raymond, and is it possible that the answer may lie within the hallowed ranks of the Templar order itself?

If you want a mystery and are unsure on what to present as an unusal gift to that adventure Histocial Fiction/Crime fan in your life then you can pretty much guarantee that if they have a love for the mysterious Templars, that this, the latest offering by Paul Doherty will find a willing reader as his adventure unfurls. Taking myths and blending his own unique style of story telling to the adventure the reader will be kept on a rollercoaster as they try to keep up with our protagonists as each step appears and takes them in a new direction. A fun book and a good bit of light escapism.

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