Monday, 14 December 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Mirror Space - Marianne De Pierres


Araldis is still under occupation by hostile forces, and with the Orion League of Sentient Species seemingly unable - or unwilling - to help, Mira Fedor is forced to turn to the mercenary captain, Rast Randall, if she is to save her planet. But while Rast's contacts may be free of political constraints, what they lack in red tape they more than make up for in ruthlessness. As some of their hidden strategies are revealed, others become even more opaque. Why have the philosophers of Scolar been targetted? How far does the Extropist influence extend into Orion space? From Lasper Farr, the Stain War veteran and ruler of the junk planet Edo, to the Sole initiates at Belle Monde to Rast herself, everyone is pursuing their own agenda. But are they really separate goals? Or are events rushing to a single, terrifying conclusion ...?


Having been a fan of Marianne’s from her first series (Plessis) I really wanted to get to love her first novel in this series (Dark Space) but was a little upset with the slow pace that it originally set which put me off reading the other novels. With the second it picked up pace and got me interested again and with this titles release you can understand why the whole thing was so slow as with the sheer pace and exuberance within you needed the background to fall onto to keep everything on an even keel. As you’d expect with Marianne, the writing is full of twists and turns, the characters jump out of the pages and you can see each combative maneuver in your minds eye with amazing HD clarity.

Add to the mix vivid landscapes that are almost photographic and the novel written from various Points of View and it’s a novel that very much ticks all the right boxes for me as a reader. I am sorry that I doubted the writing within the first book, and I would recommend this to other readers. But do as I did, read the earlier titles in order to get the full impact from the series to date.

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