Monday, 28 December 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Wings of Wrath - Celia S Freeman


In a world where the price of magic is life itself, a group of seemingly immortal sorcerers appears to have cheated the system. But only one man knows the true origin of their power, or understands the true cost. Now Kamala - born to poverty and abuse, the first woman to claim a Magister's power - will seek her rightful place among these mages, and lay siege to their secrets. The monk Salvator will claim his father's throne, and test his faith against a legendary darkness. The beautiful Siderea Aminestas, consort to Magisters, will be offered the thing she desires most - at the cost of her human soul. And an ancient Evil thought long-destroyed begins to stir anew, corrupting kings, shattering alliances and ultimately threatening to unweave the very fabric of human civilisation. A mystical bloodline was cultivated to withstand this darkness, and its power must be wakened. But this will demand sacrifice of its warriors - and corruption is rife.


If you love novels where characters take central the full three dimension stage by storm then you really will love Celia’s writing. Not is her characterisation above par but there’s very few authors out there that can even match it. Whilst the other novels have remained a bit on the quiet side, it has, I’ll admit been a little bit of a secret of mine as much as a guilty pleasure to enjoy these novels as they’ve come out as each successive novel has built itself up for a sequel that I wondered if she’d be able to pull off.

What also makes this series a great one is that Celia takes a stand on one key element. No one is safe and death comes on swift wings even for the principle protagonists. Whilst it’s a lot of the supporting cast taking centre stage for this one it’s a novel that will contain shocks for many readers and will make this a firm favourite for a number of nominations this year. If you have a fantasy fan in your house and are unsure about what to get them this year, then take a sneaky hint from us, this series is something that’s been a bit on the down low so they may not have heard of it. Extra household points will be won and you can near enough guarantee a quiet seasonal few days around the house as the reader is held in Celia’s fist until that last page is turned.

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