Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Malibu, California-home to rock-and-roll gods and movie stars, the beautiful, the rich . . . and vampires. Powerful and charismatic, Raphael is a Vampire Lord, one of the few who hold the power of life and death over every vampire in existence. Thousands call him Master and have pledged absolute loyalty on their very lives. But when, in a brazen and deadly daylight attack, a gang of human killers kidnaps the one female vampire he'd give his life for, Raphael turns to a human investigator to find his enemies before it's too late. Cynthia Leighton is smart, tough and sexy, a private investigator and former cop who's tired of spying on cheating spouses and digging out old bank accounts. When Raphael asks for her help in tracking down the kidnappers, Cyn's happy to accept. But she soon realizes her greatest danger comes not from the humans, but from Raphael himself. Battling Russian mobsters and treacherous vampires, and betrayed by those they trusted, Cyn and Raphael find themselves fighting for their lives while caught up in a passion of blood and violence that is destined to destroy them both.


There’s always a fine line with female characters between making them either the obligatory screaming girl or the tough, no nonsense kick-ass wise cracking powerhouse of mystical energy that can beat the boys at their own game. What is presented with this novel is a character who has sensitivities as well as having a tough streak who’s a hybrid of both worlds yet fits into each in such a way that the reader can’t help but demand to read more. It’s a difficult trick to learn but its one that’s achieved here in spades.

Add to the mix a well paced, action packed Urban Romance and you’ve pretty much ticked a lot of boxes for most readers. Top that off with a well rounded cast, great prose and a sense of humour that just oozes from the books pores and you’ve got a top notch first novel. Great stuff.

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