Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Houston, Texas-Cowboy boots, baseball and journeys to the stars . . . right? Wrong. Because Houston is also home to Jabril Karim, one of the eight powerful Vampire Lords who control all of North America. And as Private Investigator Cynthia Leighton will soon discover, not all Vampire Lords are created equal. For Jabril is the face of evil in the new world, a vampire who values no life but his own, who enslaves those he desires, steals whatever he covets and destroys anyone who stands in his way. Running from L.A. and its seductive Vampire Lord, Raphael, Cyn sees the Houston job as a welcome refuge, a place to get away and heal her broken heart. But Texas will be no vacation. For in Jabril Karim, Cyn will confront a true enemy, one who will go to any lengths to satisfy his lusts, enrich his coffers and expand his power. Fighting for the lives of two young sisters, Cyn's journey will take her through the streets of Houston and back to L.A., where the human police are determined to bring Raphael down for the murder of one of their own. But the danger doesn't end there. For Jabril has set his sights on Cyn, and he will stop at nothing to have her.


After the original offering from Donna, the second novel had a hell of a lot (literally) to live up to. After all cracking characterisation and growth is something that not only needs to be seen but felt to happen naturally for the reader to keep their emotional attachments to the tales protagonist. Not only does Donna do that extremely well but considering I’m not normally one for Urban Romance it pretty much ticked all the right boxes without overdoing anything. Its fast paced, its action packed but also carefully constructed with caring loving sequences that demonstrate not only that she’s learned how to play the game but do so exceptionally well. A great offering and one that will make others sit up and pay attention of this ImaJinn author.

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