Sunday, 11 December 2011

DVD REVIEW: The Smurfs

Release Date: 08/12/11


When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours--in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.


OK, I was at a loose end today so when the Smurfs film landed I thought, that I’d give it a go, especially as I have fond memories of my Smurf House, collecting the little blue creatures, from the Petrol Station (with Tokens, yes you know you do too, LOL) and of course fond memories of the comics.

So whilst I realised that a lot must happen to help bring it to a more modern audience, I did hope that some of my favourites were present as well as giving the viewer a little something special with some of the newer cast. Well, this adaptation has something for everyone, peril, adventure and of course Gargamel trying as usual and failing miserably. Add to this the wonderfully animated cat, the usual cast of Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brains backed with Grumpy, Clumsy (our tales hero) with the cracking Kilt Clad Gutsy Smurf (who was my personal favourite, voiced by Alan Cummings.)

Whilst the story is simplistic with the moral of staying true to your heart, it’s a sentiment that works well for the modern audience and when you add peril, places that the viewer will recognise and a whole host of hilarious chaotic encounters, it’s a story that will endear itself to the younger viewer. Great fun all in and let no Smurf be left behind.

Finally to bring things up to date, here’s the link to the fun launch at Tower Bridge that we told you about last week.

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