Friday, 16 December 2011

HUMOUR REVIEW: Stand Up Put Down's - Rufus Hound

Release Date: 13/10/11


For a stand-up comedian, a heckler is either a curse or a blessing. On one hand, the drunk at the back of the room yelling incoherent nonsense can ruin the evening for everyone. But on the other, a funny, well-timed heckle can really ramp up the laughter in the room. Either way, all stand-ups know they must be prepared to deal with hecklers by using the most effective weapon at their disposal - the put-down. Whether they are sharp enough to fire them off on the spot or they have a battery of tried-and-tested insults to suit every different occasion, put-downs are an essential part of every comedian's repertoire.

Here Rufus Hound, compère extraordinaire, has compiled 200 of his favourites. Read on, and laugh along at some of the funniest insults in comedy history.


How many times have you had someone had a go at you and you can’t think of either a decent put down instantly or are just so annoyed that you blow up and make yourself look like an idiot? Well if you’re going to be honest about it, like me, its going to be more than once. So this title by Rufus Hound is an absolute little gem for these as there is pretty much a reply for all situations. Its funny, it has some great put downs, however a lot of them are x rated and may surprise you when you find out which comedian to which they’re attributed.

Add to this some hecklers that have gotten one over them and the whole thing will result in a chuckle or two. Finally if you do some canny online shopping you can get this title for half the cover price which will make it an ideal stocking filler for your other half and a fiver well spent as it’ll keep them cheerful throughout the Christmas stress.

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