Wednesday, 28 December 2011

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: The Boys Vol 9: Big Ride - Garth Ennis, Darrick Robertson and Russell Braun

Release Date: 25/11/11


The countdown to the end begins, as Jack from Jupiter takes one step beyond... or does he? Hughie's triumphant return is not all he'd hoped for, but Butcher has bigger fish to fry. And The Boys meet the mysterious Doctor Peculiar...


I’ve been a fan of Ennis’ “The Boys” for quite some time, however whilst the artwork is still high quality this release feels a little flatter than the others. Don’t get me wrong we get to see a new Hughie who’s determined to stand up for himself and we get a whole load of backstory on the Unit’s operation however the whole thing just didn’t zing with the usual humour or get into the downright dirty style of fighting that we’re used to.

Add to this a thread that felt that it has been reused from an earlier title and as such the reader really could miss out on this title without missing much on the plotline overall. I just hope that the next release picks up the pace as otherwise I’ll be feeling very disappointed that such a great series went down so quickly.

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