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NEWS: Five Days of Christmas: 2 Interviews/Guest Blogs - Supernatural London Tour: New Season - Suzanne McLeod


New River Thames Troll Trail Tours Added exclusively for the Winter Holiday Season!

Supernatural Capital Tours is a recognised leader in London City magical sightseeing. Our hop-on, hop-off, and escorted bus tours are operated on a fleet of luxury, double-decker buses designed with top-deck-only seating to provide you with the best possible views of London’s magical attractions, supernatural neighbourhoods and places of paranormal interest.

Supernatural Capital Tours provides the best paranormal attractions, including vampire theatrical shows, magical markets, and Charmed river cruises. SCT is an expert in Magical Tourism. Please preview some of our new tours below.

SCT River Thames Troll Trails ~ Adults and Children (where allowed)

Escorted Bus Tours (hop-on, hop-off). All tours will be escorted by Chalky Revod, a venerable mountain troll and expert geologist from Kent. Tours includes all meals, drinks and accommodation where stated.

Please note: The River Thames Troll Trails are troll pilgrimages, and as such SCT ask that our customers respect the sacred nature of the trail and refrain from playing loud music, using mobile phones or making remarks that could be considered offensive. We thank you in advance for your consideration.

Please note: Each SCT Enchanted Boarding Ticket includes a celebratory libation of Cairngorm Mountain Dew for adults and orange juice for those under 18, after each bridge crossing. Please drink responsibly.

Afternoon tea includes the troll specialities: Butter Pebbles, Cheddar Gorge Lime Cakes, Snowdon Leek Tarts, and Blencathra Wild Boar Sandwiches.

Warning: Butter pebbles can be hazarders to your teeth. Eat at your own risk. SCT accepts no liability for customers dental costs.

River Thames Troll Trail: Central London (Adults and Children)

• Tower Bridge (1894)
Included in the crossing of this most iconic of all of London’s bridges is a visit to the bridge’s engine rooms where it is possible to see the bridge’s resident gremlins*.
Please note: SCT cannot guarantee sight of gremlins due to routine maintenance programmes during which the gremlins are often evicted.

Should Tower Bridge be the end of your tour then there is an option to take afternoon tea in the Bridge Master's Dining Room ~ a unique experience with a fantastic view of the north bank of the Thames and the Bridge itself. (Pre-bookings only).

• London Bridge (1973)
Now fully restored after the catastrophic events in London at Hallowe’en* left the south side of the bridge partially collapsed.
Please note: SCT would like to reassure our customers that the ghosts of the 17th Century plague victims disturbed during the attack have now been laid fully to rest.

• Millennium Bridge (footbridge, 2002)
Londoners nicknamed the bridge the "Wobbly Bridge" after participants in a charity walk on behalf of Save the Children to open the bridge felt an unexpected, and, for some, uncomfortable, swaying motion on the first two days after the bridge opened.
Please note: Whilst the bridge has undergone modifications to combat this SCT are able to issue Anti-sickness spell potions courtesy of free to any customers who require them.

• Blackfriars Bridge (1869)
Here can be seen the famous animated stone carvings of water birds by wizard and sculptor John Birnie Philip. On the East (downstream) side the carving are of marine life and seabirds; and on the West (upstream) of freshwater birds.

Please note: SCT would like to inform customers that "Blackfriars Bridge" is not the home of an unknown order of monks who held the key to an angelic prison as depicted in Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. This is a fictional association.

• Waterloo Bridge (1945) (the "women's bridge")
It is frequently asserted that the work force was largely female and it is sometimes referred to as "the ladies' bridge". The arches are clad in Portland stone from the South West of England; the stone contains a Self-Cleaning spell which cleans the bridge whenever it rains. This produces a glorious sight of multi-hued double rainbows stretching from one end of the bridge to the other.
Please note: Rainbows do not guarantee leprechauns* or the possibility of pots of gold.

• Hungerford Footbridges (Golden Jubilee Bridges) (2002)
The north end of the bridge is near to the Victoria Embankment where our Charmed River Cruises depart (tickets are available from your tour troll) and where the RAF monument can be visited.
Please note: SCT cannot confirm that the RAF monument* is home to London’s resident kelpie but recommends that all customers are aware of local River Lore; the kelpie has agreed to no longer Charm innocents into the water, but only takes those who venture in of their own accord, who want to die, or who have another’s death staining their soul. Should you be of a depressive or nervous disposition it is recommended that you do not venture onto the steps leading down to the river.

• Westminster Bridge (1862)
This seven-arch wrought iron bridge with Gothic detailing Gothic is the oldest bridge in central London. The bridge is painted predominantly green, the same colour as the leather seats in the House of Commons which is on the side of the Palace of Westminster nearest the bridge.
Should Westminster Bridge be the end of your tour then there is an option to take an exclusive afternoon tea flight on the London Eye ~ a wonderful experience which gives a panoramic view of surrounding London. (Pre-bookings only).
Please note: SCT troll tour guide, Chalky Revod, is unable to accompany customers on the London Eye due to individual pod weight restrictions. wishes to thank and acknowledge Suzanne McLeod the author of the following books for her assistance in compiling the content for these magical tours.

*London Eye and leprechauns – The Sweet Scent of Blood – Spellcrackers #1
*London Bridge and RAF Monument – The Cold Kiss of Death – Spellcrackers # 2
*Tower Bridge and Gremlins – The Bitter Seed of Magic – Spellcrackers #3

The Spellcrackers series is set in London with magic, mayhem and murder – liberally spiced with hot guys, kick-ass chicks and super-cool supes!

Suzanne McLeod: Website
Twitter @Suzanne_McLeod

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