Thursday, 26 September 2013

COMEDY FACTUAL TRUE CRIME REVIEW: Crap Crimes - Simon and Martin Toseland

Release Date: 26/09/13
Publisher:  Random House Books


As long as there has been crime there has been crap crime. From the Garden of Eden onwards, most criminals must ave been at least a bit crap - or else they wouldn't have been caught, right? OK, some real-life rogues like Bonnie and Clyde, or fictional villains like Moriarty, make breaking the law seem pretty glamorous. But not the failed felons banged up inside this book. Crap Crimes is a hilarious compendium of criminal stupidity - from the woman who went to the police to complain that she had been sold poor-quality cocaine, to the burglar who left his phone charging in his house. If you need proof that crime does not pay - or you just want a good laugh - then this is the book for you.


This title for me, is what I would call a bathroom book, a title that you can quite happily leave in the smallest room of your house to dip into whenever you need (and a great way to distract guests). The stories are all from the real world and when you see how incompetent some of these “masterminds” are you cannot believe that the book wasn’t made up. (Think of this as perhaps a non-death Darwin Award for Criminals.)

It is fun, it has a good few bits in there to make you laugh and with some moments that will have you scratching your head wondering why these people did the things they did. Finally throw into the mix the chance to see this as the Jerry Springer Book of Crime (if you want to describe it to friends) and you’ll find that the odd break you take from day, can be something to cheer you right up. Great stuff.

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