Thursday, 19 September 2013

FANTASY BOOK REVIEW: Elves: War Fighting Manual - Den Patrick

Release Date: 19/09/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


A manual, complete with illustrations, that looks at the Elvish race and the way they fight war. With a history of the race, an assessment on how they, as immortals, face death, and accounts of famous engagements, this is the perfect companion for any fantasy wargamer or roleplayer, as well as being a door into a wonderful and original fantasy world.


Having read and loved the Orc Fighting Manual, I really couldn’t wait to see what Den would bring to the fore with the pointy eared ones. OK, so they’re a different flavour to the Orcs but the way that the book is put together works really well. I love the way that the manual is modified for the various strengths of their culture and of course works wonderfully well on all levels.

Add to the mix a strong voice in bringing it all together alongside some cracking artwork, all round gives you something fun to sit back and enjoy. A definite collection that will be tons of fun for the fan and fantasy writer in all of us.

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