Saturday, 28 September 2013

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Ashes Trilogy 3: Monsters - Ilsa J Bick

Release Date: 26/09/13
Publisher:  Quercus


Alex is tough. She has survived the EMP blast, she has lived among the flesh-eating Changed, and she has been separated from Tom for months. And she hasn't given up. But on the brink of starvation and in the grip of a winter that just won't end, Alex discovers a new and terrible truth: The Changed are still evolving. And...they've had help.


To be honest having not loved the first two, I approached the final one with not only kid gloves but a great deal of apprehension. After all, in a book where I have problems not only making my way through it but struggling against characters that I can’t get to grips with really makes it an epic fight to the end. What unfurled within was a book that yet again really didn’t do anything for me. The author had a cast of shadows (far too many with not enough flesh), the principle characters were unbearable for me and whilst the pace was OK in places it all round left me feeling flat. A great shame all round but you can’t please everyone.

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