Tuesday, 10 September 2013

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Angel City - Jon Steele

Release Date: 12/09/13
Publisher:  Bantam


Jay Harper, one of the last 'angels' on Planet Earth, is hunting down the half-breeds and goons who infected Paradise with evil. Intercepting a plot to turn half of Paris into a dead zone, Harper ends up on the wrong side of the law and finds himself a wanted man. That doesn't stop his commander, Inspector Gobet of the Swiss Police, from sending him back to Paris on a recon mission ...a mission that uncovers a truth buried in the Book of Enoch. Katherine Taylor and her two year old son Max are living in a small town in the American Northwest. It's a quiet life. She runs a candle shop and spends her afternoons drinking herbal teas, imagining a crooked little man in the belfry of Lausanne Cathedral, a man who believed Lausanne was a hideout for lost angels. And there was someone else, someone she can't quite remember ...as if he was there, and not there at the same time. A man with a disfigured face emerges from the shadows. His name is Astruc, he's obsessed with the immortal souls of men. Like a voice crying in the wilderness, he warns the time of The Prophecy is at hand ...a prophecy that calls for the sacrifice of the child born of light...


To be honest this is a book that is the second in the series and you have to read the first one before starting this. It’s not an insult to your intelligence but with the twists and turns of the events within you really need to know not only your starting point but what the characters have been up to prior to the events within. Its complex, it has some wonderful twists but if you take your eye off the words for one second well you can get awfully confused quite quickly.

That’s not to say it’s a bad book, far from it, it’s a book that’s one hell of a read but if you want something simple, then avoid this one for now as it does require quite a bit of memory alongside brain power to keep up with the complexity. All round a book that I enjoyed reading as I loved the way that the author not only brings the characters over but also gives you a plot that will keep you guessing as well as glued until its conclusion and even when you think you know how some will react, free will alongside the ability to choose may well surprise you within as well. A great book.

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