Friday, 6 September 2013

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Six Gun Tarot - R S Belcher

Release Date: 06/09/13
Publisher:  Titan


Nevada, 1869. Golgotha is a cattle town that hides more than its share of unnatural secrets. A haven for the blessed and the damned, Golgotha has known many strange events, but nothing like the darkness stirring in the abandoned mine overlooking the town. An ancient evil is spilling into the world, and unless it is stopped, the world will have seen its last dawn...


I love a mishmash of genres and when you bring the Old West in with a touch of Cthulu all round makes me a very happy reader as you’re never quite sure whether the principle player is going to end up a wibbling wreck in the corner or someone just grasping on to sanity by the skin of their teeth.

The writing is wonderfully descriptive, has some great twists and when added to an writing style where the author believes in showing not telling, all round gives you something a little different to sit back and enjoy. Back that up with solid prose alongside a few cracking turn of phrases and it’ll be a welcome break to your real world schedule.

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