Thursday, 5 September 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Children of Fire - Drew Karpyshyn

Release Date: 05/09/13


Wizard, Warrior, Prophet, King. The Immortal Daemron, know as the Slayer, was all these things before his ascension. Trapped in a realm of Chaos for centuries by the Old Gods, using a magical barrier known as The Legacy, a last desperate ritual will herald the return of Chaos to the human world, and the lives of four children will never be the same. The mortal realm is a balance of secular and religious authority, with The Order of the Crown holding much power over humanity, its members gifted with amazing abilities and all children with magical talents are theirs to claim. Cassandra, Vaaler, Scythe and Keegan grow up in different places and with different lives, but all share the taint of Chaos magic. As various factions struggle to find the best solution to the coming return of Chaos, the fate of the world is in their hands.


Drew is an author I know more from his forays into the Star Wars world and whilst I’ve enjoyed them, I’ve always been curious to see what he’d deliver when give the opportunity to play in an environment of his own devising. What this book does is play to Drew’s strengths, it has great characters, brings a world that has definitive rules and when added to an overall arc that really digs deep gives the reader something special.

Add to the mix top notch prose, a great set of cast within and of course an authors who understands what his readers not only wants but delivers a story that will hit the spot, all round makes this a cracking start to a new series. Magic.

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