Sunday, 8 September 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Wild Hunt 3: The Raven's Shadow - Elspeth Cooper

Release Date: 15/08/13
Publisher:  Gollancz


Winter approaches, and Orion leads the wild hunt one last time before he returns to his slumber. But a dark power is rising in the groves of Athel Loren, corrupting beasts and elves alike. As Orion's servants hunt for a new host for the forest king's spirit, the daemon Alkhor's plan comes to fruition, threatening not only the wood elves but the forest realm itself.


I’ve been a fan of this series since I read the original book “Songs of the Earth” just prior to its release, Elspeth brings a wonderfully inventive fantasy world to the fore with wonderful imagination, a solid culture and of course characters that you can’t help but want to spend more time with.

Throw into the mix, cracking prose, solid pace which when added to an author’s skill at bringing over realistic dialogue all round makes this a cracking read. I really do love getting further into the author’s imagination with every subsequent release as you not only get to enjoy it all but you also get to see them develop as a writer. All round cracking magical fun and I can’t wait to see what Elspeth brings in next time.

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