Monday, 25 November 2013

THRILLER REVIEW: Pharoah - David Gibbins

Release Date: 10/10/13
Publisher:  Headline


Fans of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler will love the thrilling new Jack Howard action adventure from Sunday Times bestseller David Gibbins. 1351 BC: Akhenaten the Sun-Pharaoh rules supreme in Egypt...until the day he casts off his crown and mysteriously disappears into the desert, his legacy seemingly swallowed up by the remote sands beneath the Great Pyramids of Giza. AD 1884: A British soldier serving in the Sudan stumbles upon an incredible discovery - a submerged temple containing evidence of a terrifying religion whose god was fed by human sacrifice. The soldier is on a mission to reach General Gordon before Khartoum falls. But he hides a secret of his own. Present day: Jack Howard and his team are excavating one of the most amazing underwater sites they have ever encountered, but dark forces are watching to see what they will find. Diving into the Nile, they enter a world three thousand years back in history, inhabited by a people who have sworn to guard the greatest secret of all time...


A story that really didn’t deliver what I was expecting from the blurb and to be honest I was disappointed with the overall effect as it left me feeling cheated. The story was OK and whilst a lot of the tale did take the reader on a journey through time, the key part to the story felt rather short and without any real detail that I was looking forward to.

All round a book that I felt was lacking and perhaps not up to David’s usual high standards almost as if, because it was part of the Jack Howard series, as if it were expected to sell itself. A great shame for me.

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Bob/Sally said...

That seems to be a common feeling about the book, which actually encourages me. I quite enjoyed it, but it was also my first taste of Howard's adventures. It definitely makes me want to go back and catch up with Gibbins' earlier work.