Tuesday, 11 February 2014

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: The Darkening Hour - Penny Hancock

Release Date: 30/01/14
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster


Meet Theodora And Mona Two women, from completely different walks of life, forced by circumstances to live together under one roof. Both women are at their wits' end, scared of losing the one thing that's most precious to them. So when tensions boil over, who will go to the most extreme lengths to survive? Will it be Theodora, finally breaking under the pressure? Or Mona, desperate to find a way out? In a tale of modern day slavery and paranoia, two women tell their sides of the story. Who do you trust?


A book that was not only my usual type of reading but completely outside my comfort zone and whilst this is an unusual type of read for me, it was one I was more than happy I took the time to read as Penny brings a darkly uncomfortable time when the gaps between rich and poor were at their largest with the downtrodden struggling to make ends meet.

It’s a book that relys heavily on the characterisation and the believability of them and whilst it isn’t a huge cast, its intimacy is one that works so much better for this type of story. Add to this some rather stark reality checks for the reader as well as the characters learning to live with their latest life choices and all round it was a title that really hit home hard.

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