Friday, 7 February 2014

THRILLER REVIEW: The Templar Prophecy - Mario Reading

Release Date: 06/02/14
Publisher:  Corvus


The definitive collection of folk music - one of the great English popular art forms. One of the great English popular art forms, the folk song can be painful, satirical, erotic, dramatic, rueful or funny. This magical new collection brings together all the classic folk songs as well as many lesser-known discoveries, complete with music and annotations on their original sources and meaning. Published in cooperation with the English Folk Dance and Song Society, it is a worthy successor to Ralph Vaughan Williams and A. L. Lloyd's original Penguin Book of English Folk Songs.


As a reader of Thrillers, I do love to grab a title that brings some ancient wonders/mysteries to the fore and blends it with a cracking story that not only keeps you glued to the final page but generates a wonderful sense of awe within the reader.

This title by Mario hits all the spots for a reader, you have cracking characters, good high octane pace and when added with villains that not only give the principle player a run for their money but also leaves you wondering how the author is going to combat the twists that are thrown in the way. Great stuff.

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