Saturday, 22 February 2014

CRIME THRILLER: Until Death - Ali Knight

Release Date: 07/11/13
Publisher:  Hodder


Marriage is a prison for Kelly. Her controlling and manipulative husband Christos videos her in the house, has her followed and tracks her every move. She may be desperate to leave, but she's not stupid. If she runs, he'll make sure she never sees her children again. Christos has a mistress, Sylvie, keen to pander to his every whim and even keener to step into Kelly's shoes, should she ever vacate them. Kelly thinks it's stalemate for their twisted threesome, but one of Christos's container ships is about to dock in London with a secret cargo that will change all their lives forever. If Kelly is to escape, it will be in a way she never imagined, and people will get hurt ...


If you want a dark tale of suspense, mystery and escape then you really have to give this title by Ali Knight a go, within the principle players are trapped within their own lives, held together by the dark manipulations of Christos which makes for not only heart rending reading but a story that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.

As usual with Ali’s writing, its intelligent, hits the right spot for the suspense reader and will, in its own way, have you questioning what you’d do in the same situation. Add to this some great turns of phrase and all round it’s a solid read, but to take that next step for the reader, Ali has generated characters that feel fully rounded, have their own whims and desires which when carefully boiled into a powder keg generates something that is truly electrifying. Great stuff.

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