Tuesday, 4 February 2014

CUISINE REVIEW: Curry Easy - Madhur Jaffrey

Release Date: 16/09/10
Publisher:  Ebury Press


In this delicious collection of recipes, Madhur Jaffrey shows us that Indian food need not be complicated or involve hours in the kitchen. Take a few well chosen spices and readily available ingredients, and in a few easy steps you can make a delicious prawn curry from Goa; succulent chicken baked in an almond and onion sauce; hearty Sri Lankan beef with coconut milk; a creamy potato and pea curry; tasty swiss chard stir fried with ginger and garlic; and a spicy dip with beans (canned of course), cumin, chillies and lime. With over 175 clear, accessible and simple recipes, this mouthwatering cookbook is as beautifully written as her bestselling Ultimate Curry Bible, and is fully illustrated throughout with gorgeous colour photography. Whether you are cooking curry for the first time or have plenty of culinary experience and are looking for quick and easy recipe ideas, Madhur Jaffrey brings you all the tastes of India with the minimum of work.


Whilst a takeout on a Friday or Saturday night always feels like a great idea, the worrying thing for many people is the saturated fats and extra calories that whilst tasting nice, doesn’t do your waistline any favours. For many Brits, a Curry is the take away of choice and for me, I love the idea of being able to make my own knowing the exact quantities of the ingredients which when blended with quality key products create something that not only taste’s great but in some cases ready in minutes, hitting that spot quite easy.

Within this book by Madhur is a whole host of recipes for every taste and budget, easily explained, with wonderful step by step guide to creating your own Indian feast that can not only be created for a takeout style mean but also for something a little special for friends and family visiting. Add to this great colour photos that bring the recipes to life and all round my mouth was salivating at the combos.

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