Monday, 17 February 2014

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: You're Mine Now - Hans Koppel

Release Date: 09/01/14
Publisher:  Sphere


Anna and Magnus have a happy marriage, but when, in a moment of madness, Anna has a brief fling with Erik, a man she met at a work conference, she lives to regret more than just her infidelity. Erik is a disturbed individual who goes to extreme lengths to get Anna's attention, including kidnapping her ten-year-old daughter and attacking her mother. Before she knows it, Anna's life is in the grip of this psychopathic stalker and she must try desperately to escape his clutches before it's too late...


A seriously modern story with a deliciously dark twist in its poisoned tail as Fatal Attraction meets Scandinavian Crime in a cracking book that really doesn’t let up from the opening chapter to its last. Its got some great twists, emotional desires and requirements from a cast of characters who not only feed the darkness within each other but fan the flames to a height that will end in an uncontrollable forest fire leaving all in wasted heaps at the tales conclusion.

Add to this some great dialogue, solid prose and for me a story that will leave me questioning the human condition for quite some time.

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