Wednesday, 19 February 2014

YA FANTASY REVIEW: The Queen of Darkness - Peter Hamilton

Release Date: 02/01/14
Publisher:  Doubleday


Taggie and Jemima are holidaying on their dad's farm. They know just what to expect - a tumbledown old cottage, sunshine and strawberry picking. But then Jemima sees a white squirrel wearing glasses...and soon after, their father is captured and whisked away to a faerie world that's fallen to Darkness. But why would anybody want to kidnap boring old Dad, especially the dreaded King of Night? Could it be that their family isn't quite as ordinary as they believed? As Taggie and Jemima venture into fantastic Realms, they discover magical powers they never knew they had. Powers they're going to need during the desperate race to save their father. But the sisters will also need all the friends they can find - no matter what kind of folk they are, or where in history they belong...


Something completely different from Peter Hamilton and a tale that will strike a chord with older and younger readers alike as Peter adds his own brand of writerly magic to an epic adventure for the children’s market. The characters within are a pure joy to sit back and spend time with and when added to high octane pace, some quick twists and of course the authors own hugely twisted imagination, all round generates something that is nigh impossible to put down. Definitely a story that I’m recommending to many younger readers out there to not only keep the love of reading alive but to hold up as an example of something truly wonderful to behold. Great stuff.

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