Thursday, 24 April 2014

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: Underground 2: Girl Seven - Hanna Jameson

Release Date: 24/04/14
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


What is the price of revenge? The day her parents and sister were murdered, Seven did not cry. Instead, she tried to forget. She vowed that one day she would be free from the sight of their blood. But Seven could not forget. And now that she is part of London's criminal underworld, she knows men who can maim; men who can kill. But they all have a price. Will Seven betray her frinds to avenge her family? A breath-taking thriller laced with fierce, sparse prose, GIRL SEVEN is the new turbo-charged novel from Dagger-shortlisted Hanna Jameson.


When I originally heard about this book I was more than intrigued, I liked the idea of a young girl taking the lead in a murder revenge story but for me, the main thing that needed doing was for the author to present a lead character that not only the reader could associate with but also was carefully balanced to be emotionally damaged after her ordeal. As a reader this was going to be a tough thing to accept and if this didn’t come off just right it would leave the reader in not only a sense of disbelief but also alienated from the rest of the story.

What Hanna brought to the fore was a character that hit the spot, backed up with good dialogue and of course a sense of pace that carried the story forward. That said the plot line was fairly simplistic and whilst there weren’t any surprises all round did give me a book that I enjoyed purely for the principle characters complexity.

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