Thursday, 10 April 2014

VIDEO GAME NEWS: Mordheim: City of the Damned Questions Answered: Rogue Factor

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Our friends at Rogue Factor have kindly taken the time to respond to some of our game queries to do with the forthcoming Mordheim: City of the Damned.  We can't wait to get our hands on the title and with the sheer volume of warbands to play, we're going to have a hard time picking our favs.  (Although to be honest I think that I'm going to go a little Ratty for the first time.  LOL)

So, without further ado, Vincent Gallopain, Rogue Factor's PR Manager answers our questions:
Falcata Times:  With the board game of Mordheim stopping officially a decade ago (it’s been up to the fans to develop since) what makes now the right time for it to step onto the VG Platform?

Vincent Gallopain:  Good question! I think that we literally “created” that timing. When brainstorming ideas for our first project there were a lot of tabletop game license ideas that emerged. Out of the lot, Mordheim was the one game that the whole team really enjoyed playing in the past, so we decided to pitch our vision of a videogame adaptation to Games Workshop… and it quite stirred their interest.

FT:  What is the biggest challenge of bringing what was essentially a board game to the VG platform?

VG:  In order to deliver the unique feeling of the board game to a videogame adaptation, we started by breaking down what makes Mordheim so appealing. From the chaotic doomed city to the hardcore rules, we isolated each and every layer of uniqueness. That being said, you should not expect the videogame to be an exact replica of the board game though, we are making something new with the intellectual property. So keep in mind that Mordheim: City of the Damned will be an adaptation of the board game, not a digital version of the board game per se.

FT:  How different are the various warbands that you can play and how do you stop one being more powerful than another? (For example in the board game the Shadow Warrior band was considered too powerful and banned in a tournaments.)

VG:  Just like in the board game, every warband has its specialties. We can't discuss about every detail at the moment, but we can already tell you about the four first warbands present in the game at launch: The Human mercenaries from the Empire, The Skaven Clan Eshin, The Sisters of Sigmar and The Cult of the Possessed. So far we have no plan to add any warband that wasn't part of the original game or its official expansion by Games Workshop. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the warband you mention as it was a player's creation.

FT:  What are some of the design options will the gamer have? IE can they choose the paint scheme of their troops, insignia etc.

VG:  The customization details are still in discussion but we can already tell you that the players will be able to play around with colors to give their warbands a unique look.

We hope tha this has more than piqued other gamers queries and we can't wait to see how the title develops,

Gareth and Lady Eleanor

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