Monday, 21 April 2014

TV TIE IN REVIEW: Grimm: Below the Surface: The Insider's Guide to the Show - Titan Comics

Release Date: 11/03/14
Publisher:  Titan


Acclaimed show runners David Greenwalt (X-Files, Buffy, Angel) and Jim Kouf (Ghost Whisperer, Angel) reveal all about the development and ongoing creation of the show. A full behind-the-scenes guide to the show, from costumes to special effects to make up and more, with exclusive production designs and images direct from the ABC studios. It includes cast interviews.


I’m a huge fan of Grimm and whilst I didn’t get on with the books, the show is something that I love to snuggle up in bed and enjoy. I love the idea and whilst its simplistic to a certain point of view its one that really gives the reader something special to sit down with as the modern world meets the land of fairytales in a cop show format.

This book takes you behind the scenes, helps you understand the characters and gives the reader a unique experience that really is a joy to sit back with, especially when you can put some of the information to the relevant episode. All round a cracking little book and one that I really have found a whole lot of fun.

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