Saturday, 26 April 2014

FANTASY REVIEW: Moth and Spark - Anne Leonard

Release Date: 20/02/14
Publisher:  Headline


He's cursed with an impossible task. She's blessed with magical visions. Together they can save a divided Empire. Prince Corin has been given the task of freeing the dragons from their bondage to the Empire. However, it seems that that not even the dragonriders themselves know how these terrifying beasts are kept under control. When Tam, a doctor's daughter, arrives in the capital she makes an amazing discovery: she is a Seer, gifted with visions. Sparks fly when Corin and Tam meet ...but it's not all happily ever after. Not only is the prince forbidden to marry a commoner, but war is coming to Caithen. Torn between love and duty, they must work together to uncover the secret that threatens to destroy their country.


I’m a huge fan of fantasy and to be honest I’m always looking for something that break away from the conventions in their own ways. What occurs within this book is a story that not only hits the reader with a cracking story full of action and danger but also delivers a tale of emotional involvement as the principle characters develop from strangers to lovers out to face the world.

Its wonderfully inventive, the world building is solid and when the reader adds to this some good dialogue all round generates a story that will involve the reader on more than one level. All round a great read and I can’t wait to see what Anne hits back with next time.

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Anonymous said...

Love the cover and premise of this one, adding it to my tbr list :) Great review!