Tuesday, 20 October 2009

FANTASY REVIEW: The Wyrmling Horde (Runelords 7) - David Farland


The monstrous wyrmlings are growing in strength. These creatures have learnt to endow themselves with powers stolen from others, and their capacity for evil is still growing. The people of Mystarria were thrust into the land of the wyrmlings following the merging of two shadow realms, just some among many parallel lands, so now these creatures have millions of victims from which to draw power. The only one who can mend the broken lands - the talented flameweaver Fallion - has fallen into the hands of the wyrmling horde. Now Fallion's allies must prepare to breach the impenetrable wrymling fortress to rescue him. And unless they can prevent the wyrmlings from gathering more power, these creatures may bring all the shadow worlds under their control. It's not just worlds that are at stake, but eternities.


Whilst a fan of David’s Runelord series what got to me about this novel was that it seemed to be more of a filler than a tale of any real importance to the overall arc. Don’t get me wrong it is well written and the new characters intriguing but when you’re so far into a series to date and there’s no real relevance to the current series you have to wonder why it was released. With luck later novels will pick up on this and allow it to have a relevance that will increase the world in a new dimension. However I won’t be recommending this to a number of readers, firstly the new and secondly to those on a budget as the others make a more cohesive offering that this one really doesn’t add to.

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