Thursday, 1 October 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Cadian Blood - Aaron Dembski-Bowden


When the Imperial shrine world of Kathur is blighted by Chaos, the brave Guardsmen of Cadia are sent to reclaim it. The plague of Nurgle has set in deeply on the planet, forcing the Cadians into battle with an innumerable legion of the infected. In the midst of battle, Captain Parmenion Thade is thrust into an unlikely commanding role. Yet, he cannot imagine what lies ahead on Kathur, and just how important it will be to ensure victory there.


Reading this book was a bit of fun from this authors first offering for the Black Library, one thing I did notice however was that Aaron is a huge David Gemmell fan as there are a number of tips of the hat to the sadly missed King of Heroic Fantasy. Well written, gripping combat with an Imperial Guard unit that will give even the Astartes a run for their money. A high octane, wild knuckle duster ride and one that I look forward to embarking on with the Cadian’s next adventure. Aaron is certain to remain a firm favourite of mine and an author who’s future books I’ll look forward to.

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