Thursday, 15 October 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Ravens Rise (Pendragon 9), Soldiers of Halla (Pendragon 10) - DJ MacHale

Bobby Pendragon is trapped… with a single, massive explosion of Tak the entrance to the flume on Ibara was destroyed, sealing off any means of escape for Bobby, and his nemesis, Saint Dane. Even though he had given up all hope of ever returning to his old life, Bobby was ok. He felt certain that by burying the flume, he had ended the war, and that after so many battles and so much sacrifice, Halla was finally safe.

He was wrong…
The final battle for Halla was already underway… territories were changing, nothing past, present or future would ever be the same. Unable to contact Pendragon, Mark and Courtney find themselves faced with an impossible task of defending their home against the inevitable wave of evil that Saint Dane has set in motion. The next target was set, but there was only one thing missing - Bobby Pendragon!

What makes this novel different to the rest is that Bobby Pendragon takes secondary billing to his friends who, after previously being just support, are now forced to the fore to battle the evil in Bobby’s place on Earth. I love this idea and I’m really quite pleased that these two supporting characters have now got the chance to make things their own.

What also makes this tale a bit more special after a bit of a stall in previous excursions it really has picked up the ball and run with it again bringing what we would see as the key planet into the battle being fought by the forces of good and evil. Mind you some may argue that its been some time coming but to be honest DJ has had to make sure that everything was in place for this epic story. Leaving the reader with more questions for the next instalment it really has made this a tale that will stick with fans as one of their favourites to date. Roll on the next novel.

Nine battles for nine territories have brought Bobby Pendragon to where he is now: The final showdown. Bobby and the rest of the travellers must join forces in an epic war against Saint Dane, not only for one last territory, but for all of Halla.

Every secret is at last revealed, the truth uncovered… But, is Bobby Pendragon ready to fight Saint Dane for everything that matters most in order to save all that was, is, and ever will be?

OK so I didn’t have to wait that long for the next novel. LOL Which is pretty cool considering the amount of novels that I’ve had to wait patiently for this year to date. What happens in this final novel of the series is an epic tale that expounds to a massive 600 pages (but each one is necessary), in order to give the reader the sort of ending that they’ve been demanding.

Its well written, its got an epic battle for the fate of the worlds involved and it really does go hammer and tongs in an none stop epic. In certain respects I’m upset that its finished as it really has been something special to enjoy over the last few years. But it’s the type of tale that you really can only appreciate from having read from the beginning. Definitely not one for the uninitiated but then again, you wouldn’t really be reading this had you not started out the same way I did.

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