Friday, 16 October 2009

FICTION REVIEW: Betrayal - Sasha Blake


Money - Emily Kent is the daughter of one of the most powerful women on the planet. Her mother and billionaire father have laid the world at her feet - it's not enough. Emily is determined to make her own luck. Lust - Claudia Kent is Emily's step-sister - all she craves is love. Desperate to escape the misery of her past, she meets the man of her dreams. Or so she imagines...Vengeance - Nathan Kent is the son of no one. Adopted, and then discarded by the one family who could have loved him, he has only one goal in life - to get his revenge. Greed - As disgraced tycoon Jack Kent and his wife Innocence fight for supremacy over their vast empire, family ties are flung aside - no one will stand the way of their obsession with money, sex and power.


What can I say about this novel, a Wanna Be Jackie Collins to such an extreme that this author seems to have analysed a few of her novels and broken it down in such a way as to just use the bare bones rather than thinking up her own work as well as a way to express it. A huge mistake considering what a mess this novel turned out to be especially when you consider that all I really learned of the characters was that one had pink hair and that the whole thing was shoddily put together. To even describe it was a JC Wanna Be is an insult.

Whilst I do realise that this novel is complete fantasy the sheer odds involved within, no bookie would give you, as the whole thing was implausible with the only likeable character being the “villain” of the piece who you really wanted to massacre the whole cast due to the huge irritation about it. The only good thing about this novel was the final twist at the end and whilst I didn’t see it coming that’s not much of statement as I’d pretty much lost all interest in this offering way before hitting those last few pages.

Add to the mix that the author “abused” and utilised younger cast members (one being a ten year old) for sexual exploration to get this novel talked about rather than for any real point. It did horrify, it did shock but above all its really put my back up against this author as the events she chose to use were completely unnecessary for the furtherance of the plot almost just relying on cheap tricks to sell this “book” for her.

Overall, a book that was way too long, delivered very little and really did make me wonder what the author did to get this tripe published. Save your cash as the only real "Betrayal" is a promise of a good book.

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