Tuesday, 6 October 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: X-Isle - Steve Augarde (Pencil)


Ever since the floods came and washed the world away, survivors have been desperate to win a place on X Isle, the island where life is rumoured to be easier than on what's left of the mainland. Only young boys are in with a chance, the smaller and lighter the better. Baz and Ray are two of the lucky few to be chosen, but they soon discover that X-Isle is a far cry from paradise. Ruled by Preacher John, a dangerous religious fanatic, it's a violent, unpredictable place where terrible things can happen at any moment. The boys hatch an extraordinary plan in order to protect themselves - the construction of a mighty weapon of defence. But can they complete this weapon in time, and are they really prepared to use it in order to secure their freedom? Powerful and compelling, "X Isle" is a fast-moving thriller that will keep you guessing right to the very end.


A dark novel that will take the reader by the hand and drag them into the apocolypic imaginings of Steve Augarde as the reader meets Baz, a survivor of the flooding. Its inventive, its intriguing and above all it’s a tale that will keep the reader glued to the last page as they seek to find out how Baz will cope in this new world. Add an almost cinematic writing style, a gripping plot along with a character that you’ll empathise with and it pretty much ticks all the boxes for readers.

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