Monday, 19 October 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Death got no Mercy - Al Ewing


Cade wasn't a complicated man. He didn't care about people. But one of the people he did care about was in trouble and he had to help. Cade travels to a post-apocalypse San Francisco - peopled with maniacs and cannibals - to find help for his companion. There he must use nothing but his two fists and a hunting knife to find the one thing that may save his friend.


I’ve loved a number of titles in this series yet for me Al Ewing isn’t exactly one of the prized authors. Yes he can write pretty well, his characters do stand out but there is something almost 2d and pretty predictable about a number of them that really do feel that they’re caricatures of typical fantasy fare offerings that really do leave you wondering if they’re taking the mick. Add to the mix a tale that feels more like a novella over a full length novel with some fluff in the middle to pad it out a bit and its sadly not quite what I was wanting. A great shame as there was a lot of potential of things to play with within.

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