Wednesday, 7 October 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Mapmakers Monsters 2: Vampanther Attack - Rob Stevens


In their next hilarious adventure, Hugo and Savage travel to the unchartered mountains of deepest Transylvania, where nothing is as it seems. With a fortune telling cat, an anxious wolf-man and some seriously angry rabbits to deal with, can Hugo rescue Uncle Walter from the clutches of the evil vampanther lord before it's too late?


After the original offering from Rob, this one takes a darker turn as they seek to find the sword to end the existence of the Vampanther, ruler of the vampires. Wonderfully creative and just as exciting as the original the only blemish on this tale is that it feels like it follows the same plot arc as the original. It is good, it does have plenty of twists and above all it’s a tale of honour and friendship above all else as the message is passed onto the next generation through this magical offering. A great series for readers and definitely one to get on board with now before the hype really hits.

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