Thursday, 29 October 2009

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Billy Bones - Christopher Lincoln


The Bones Family lives in a dark closet, guarding the secrets and lies (little white ones and big whoppers) that belong to the hideous Biglums. But Little Billy Bones craves the excitement of the big wide world outside.

Then Millicent, a new friendly Biglum, arrives at the mansion. And when a skeleton-boy with a hidden history meets a no-nonsense orphan girl with a nose for mysery, the truth is bound to burst out of the Secrets Closet. . .


Since the passing of Roald Dahl there hasn’t been any author who has managed to produce a book that can win the readers over the way he could. That will all change with the release of Billy Bones by Christopher Lincoln who not only enthuses the reader with his story telling style but will also keep them fascinated, curious and above all energetic enough to demand just one more chapter before bed.

Beautifully scripted alongside a wonderment that really does keep the reader glued to the page, it’s a story of morals, of inventiveness and above all a tale that will give the reader a cast of characters to love throughout their adventure. A definite touch of Dahl within and something that I really can’t recommend enough.

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I think this is my favorite review, ever.