Thursday, 3 December 2009

ART BOOK REVIEW: Draw and Paint Fantasy Females - Tom Flemming


Learn how to draw and paint truly fabulous fantasy females with this practical and inspirational guide for improver artists. This title demonstrates the basics of female anatomical structure, how to use both drawing and painting media effectively, and how to design and build fantasy female characters. Key to this subject matter is capturing female allure, and there are specific sections that tackle female pose, expression, clothing, hair and make-up. This title includes five extended step demos of a valkyrie, a warrior, a fairy, a sorceress and a heroine. The female is the most important subject in fantasy art making this title indispensable to any fantasy artist.


Having worked for Marvel and DC there’s probably very few modern artists who are more adept at the subject matter of the book than Tom Flemming. What perhaps makes this so superb is that Tom doesn’t just tackle the basics such as shapes but covers everything from clothing to makeup, facial construction through to hair.

Within this offering is material gained through experience that explains the differing aspects not just by stating the facts but putting the information across almost as if you were in the same room as the artist backing up each point with concise and beautifully created artwork.

This title was a real joy to read and will be one that’s well thumbed each time I want to revisit points brought up within. Hopefully allowing me to create not just acceptable art but pieces I’ll be proud to have on my wall.

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Michelle said...

I've always wanted to draw. I took years of art classes and can barely draw a stick figure to show for it.

But, I'm always intrigued by the logic and the how of art.