Tuesday, 13 April 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Falconfar - Ed Greenwood


FALCONFAR is the third thrilling adventure in the Falconfar saga. Fantasy writer Rod Everlar is now hopelessly lost in the magical world he once thought he’d created, as he searches for his only friend, the guide who brought him there: the maimed warrior-woman Taeauna. She has been captured by the evil wizard Malraun, who has taken her to his bed—while Malraun’s armies conquer Falconfar, castle by castle and hold by hold. Malraun has his rivals, other evil wizards who seek to defeat him and rule all Falconfar. Rod Everlar, the fell “Dark Lord” of legend, supposedly able to hurl world-shattering spells, is feared and hated by everyone . . . but can’t cast a single spell.Beset by the wizards, their armies, and the dragonlike monsters they command, Rod finds his luck running out as his ruthless foes discover a new world to conquer: our Earth.


To be honest I used to love Ed’s work when he was writing in the Forgotten Realms world. This, his latest series has had great premise but in all honesty I do feel that this hasn’t been up to the type of writing I’ve been expecting. It is well done against a number of other authors out there but when you compare it to his other work it’s a little below par. The descriptiveness felt a little flat, the characters more 2d than three and there has been no real growth emotionally for the characters within. I’m not saying that it won’t please a number of readers but for me it just felt flat and with the conclusion was a bit of a let down.

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