Wednesday 7 April 2010

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Infernal Game: Cold Warriors - Rebecca Levene


"You died 20 years ago - WELCOME BACK"At the start of the Cold War, the British secret services formed the Hermetic Division, an agency charged with using supernatural means to defend the nation. It has only one mission: to find the mysterious Ragnarok artefacts, said to have the power to end the world. Now, two of the divisions most senior agents are sent on the trail of a corrupt Russian oligarch. The journey will take them across Europe and into the darkest reaches of the occult.


I always love it when an author kicks off a brand new series for an established publisher, there’s nothing out there that they have to measure their work by so whilst the pressure is lessened to a greater degree they have full carte blanche to unleash their imagination within the pages. Here in this offering from Rebecca Levene is a series that lives up to the best of Urban Fantasy whilst setting it in an MI5 cold war style thriller. It’s a great setting, it’s got a lot of scope for follow up tales but perhaps best of all its the characters that really come alive to the reader. Rebecca has a great style, a good understanding of pace but best of all she knows how to lead the reader to the mindset most condusive to getting the tale across.

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