Thursday, 15 April 2010

YOUNG ADULT REVIEW: Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder - Jo Nesbo


Dr Proctor is an ageing inventor just waiting for his big break. And when he teams up with his next-door neighbour Lise and her peculiar friend Nilli in making the world's most powerful fart powder, it seems his dream may be coming true. But the ruthless twins Truls and Trym Thrane are lurking in the background just waiting to spoil their plans. The drama that follows has repercussions that stretch beyond the imagination, inolving a wild chase through the sewer system of Oslo, anacondas and NASA. Full of humour and witty dialogue, Jo Nesbo creates wonderfully weird characters and lets his imagination run wild in this delightful children's book debut, reminiscent of Roald Dahl.


I do love new offerings yet whilst this one has come to receive acclaim from around the world it’s a title that I had real trouble getting into, whether that’s due to the translation or just the fact that this offering was too childish for me I can’t say. Whilst I do enjoy the good old fart jokes as much as the next child minded adult (OK most guys) this title really did not either thrill or impress me as the language felt a little too jumpy and not as smooth as it could have been. It did have touches that were slightly reminiscent of a Roald Dahl type tale but it just did not bring it all together in a condusive singular voice to keep this title entertaining enough for me.

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